The defining principle of our approach to aesthetic surgery is to restore and refine balance to your shape and form. It is important to us to deliver change you can feel confident with. Our aim is to refresh and rejuvenate, by achieving a balance in the face and body that does not display the tell-tale signs of surgery.

We are frequently asked for combination procedures, such as abdominoplasty and breast rebalancing, or arm reduction and facelift. For such cases we design bespoke combination techniques to achieve lasting, comprehensive, and harmonious results, without a ‘post -surgical’ look

We believe in quality individual assessment and will pick the technique most suited to deliver the results you want against the background of your health and fitness. In consultation, we use photography and imaging to demonstrate our results that are relevant to you, and to plan your care. We provide full advice regarding both risks and benefits of all procedures, and we take professional responsibility to achieve quality outcomes. Our consultant anesthetists will provide the best techniques of sedation or anesthesia for maximum comfort and minimum downtime to complement the planned surgery. Our follow – up is complete, our commitment total, and our level of professional service is the pride of our team.

Mr Ragoowansi speaks regularly at aesthetic surgery and medicine forums and peer to peer meetings in the annual calendar, and lecture and teach for the Royal College and other faculties on safety and quality in aesthetic practice.