• We have an absolute familiarity with the anatomy and aesthetics of the eyelids
  • We are regularly invited to teach and present our results to colleagues and trainees
  • We combine a wide experience of eyelid reconstruction, rebalancing, and aesthetic surgery into a bespoke approach for each individual

  • Full range of eyelid reshaping

    • We plan our approach and advice in the context of the whole facial aesthetic
    • We combine surgical and non – surgical techniques where required
    • We recognize not all aesthetic eyelid surgery is about ageing – but also familial trait (eyebags for example) and improving shape and symmetry

    Blepharoplasty (Eyelid tuck) is an operation designed on a bespoke and individual level to

    1. Remove excess skin and wrinkles from the upper eyelids and/or lower eyelids,
    2. Remove or recontour eyelid bags,
    3. Harmonise the eyelid and cheeks, to minimize shadow, and refresh and rejuvenate the lids/face

    Blepharoplasty for both upper and lower eyelids encompasses a wide range of surgical procedures, ranging from simple excision of excess skin, to more complex re-draping and re-tensioning of the eyelids and removal of intra-orbital fat with or without removal of eyelid muscle. Canthopexy surgery may be incorporated to elevate the outside margin of the eyelids to produce a pleasing up-curve, and support the eyelids. Blepharoplasty can be combined effectively with brow lift surgery, which influences the position of the eyebrow, and maybe a required combination procedure to achieve the desired effect. Similarly blepharoplasty can be combined with a variety of face – lifting procedures as required.

  • Lower lid eyebag removal

    • We recognize that not all eyebags are the same!
    • We will use the best technique for the problem in question – at the level of eyelid skin, fat, muscle or a combination as required

    Lower lid eyebags arise form a variety of factors, solely or in combination. These include orbital fat protrusion against the lower lid, an excess of skin and muscle, swollen lower lid muscle and/or skin, and globe prominence against a flat cheekbone. A thorough expert assessment will reveal which of these factors are contributing to lower lid eyebags, and the appropriate treatment can be chosen – lower (or upper) lid eyebags are not always age related, can be inherited, and the aim of treatment is to harmonise the eyelid and cheeks, to minimize shadow, and to refresh and rejuvenate the lids/face balance.





  • Eyelid tucks

    ‘Eyelid tucks’ are a common request and mean the same as ‘blepharoplasty’ or eyelid reshaping surgery (see this link). Eyelid tucks are planned on an individual basis – see ‘full range of eyelid reshaping’.