We take pride in a facial rejuvenation and recontouring service that combines the best of what surgical and non – surgical techniques can deliver. Our aim, as always, is to refresh and rejuvenate without the tell – tale signs of surgery. We often combine the best techniques of eyelid recontouring (eyelid tuck, blepharoplasty), face and neck lifts, and browlift to achieve an excellence of results that complement the adjacent aesthetic units of the brow, eyelids, face and neck.

Choosing from a range of strategies to suit the individual, we often combine non – surgical therapies, such as botox, chemical peels and fillers with contemporary surgical approaches. We seek to achieve a refreshed, harmonious, smooth contour with volume balance for smooth curves, minimal shadow, and symmetrical facial definition. Our strategies may address skeletal surgery such as in rhinoplasty (nasal reshaping), genioplasty (chin recontouring), or cheek augmentation; alone or in combination with soft tissue redefinition (such as ‘volumetric’ facelift).


Often, a component of this improvement may be in the quality of the skin itself, and in conjunction with our practice nurse, we will provide a comprehensive skin assessment and treatment programme. The balance of the face and hairstyle may be greatly influenced by the ear shape and position, and we provide a balanced ear setback and reshaping service. Many of our procedures may be done under general, local or twilight anesthesia, and our anaesthetic team is fully experienced in the best techniques for you, and your aesthetic aims.


  • Face lift

    • Our skills in facial surgery build upon a depth of experience in aesthetic surgery, the correction of craniofacial birth anomalies, and craniofacial reconstruction after accidents and cancer
    • We are regularly invited to teach and present our facial aesthetic surgery results to colleagues and trainees
    • We combine our wide experience of craniofacial aesthetic and reconstructive surgery and our familiarity with facial surgical anatomy into bespoke aesthetic surgery solutions

  • Ear Reshaping (Pinnaplasty)

    • We appreciate the differences in adult and childrens’ ear reshaping surgery (‘pinnaplasty’)
    • We will choose the best technique to minimise downtime and maximise results

    The visible ear is a cartilagenous framework with an overlying skin envelope. As such we can use the properties of cartilage, which are distinct and different in adults and children to reshape the ear, and set it back where required, to achieve a balanced aesthetic result. We aim for an ‘un-operated’ look, minimal time off work or from school and a stable result from our surgery, under local or general anaesthetic.