Research & publications

Mr Ragoowansi’s research has been published in widely in peer reviewed journals.

Aesthetic Surgery

Ragoowansi R, Cornes P, Moss ALH, Glees JP.
Treatment of keloids by surgical excision and immediate postoperative single fraction radiotherapy.
Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery 111(6):1853-9, May 2003.

Ragoowansi R, Cornes P, Glees J, Powell BW, Moss ALH.
Ear-lobe keloids:treatment by a protocol of surgical excision and immediate post operative adjuvant radiotherapy.
British Journal Of Plastic Surgery (2001), 00, 1-5.

Reconstructive Surgery

Pearce O, Ragoowansi R
Pearce’s Surgical Companion: Essential Notes for Postgraduate Exams Early Management of
2009 May ISBN 978 1 903378 48 9

Ragoowansi R, Winspur I.
Modified Surgical Techniques for Basal Thumb Arthritis and Trigger Finger.
Med Probl Perform Art 2008; 23: 16-19

Ragoowansi R, Turner A, Pickford M.
Soft tissue reconstruction of digits and the thumb – a series.
Journal Of Hand Surgery (British and European volume) – accepted and in press.

Ragoowansi R, Elliot D.
Dupuytren’s Contracture secondary to injury to the distal forearm and hand.
Journal Of Hand Surgery (British and European volume, 2005) 36B:8;32-326.

Ragoowansi R, Acornley A, Khoo CT.
Percutaneous trigger finger release: the ‘lift-cut’ technique
Br J Plast Surg. 2005 Sept;58(6):817-21.

Ragoownasi R, Manushakian J.
The multi-functional surgical device
Ann R Coll Surg Engl. 2005 Jul;87(4):289-90.

Elliot D, Ragoowansi R.
Dupuytren’s disease secondary to acute injury, infection or operation distal to the elbow in the ipsilateral upper limb–a historical review.
J Hand Surg [Br]. 2005 May;30(2):148-56.

Ragoowansi R, Yii N, Niranjan N.
Immediate vulvar and vaginal reconstruction using the gluteal fold flap.
British Journal Of Plastic Surgery (2004):57(5);406-410.

Ragoowansi R, Khan U, Brown R, McGrouther DA.
Differences in morphology, cytoskeletal architecture and protease production between Zone II tendon and synovial fibroblasts in vitro.
Journal Of Hand Surgery (British and European volume, 2003) 28B;5:465-470.

Ragoowansi R, Adeniran A, Moss ALH.
Anomalous muscles of the wrist : a review.
Clinical Anatomy 15(5):363-5, August 2002.